Historical Agitation at Jantar Mantar New Delhi

Eye Opener : Detail analysis of issues

Just to remind…..what are our basic rights? what are we  deprived of? What are loosing?…….

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 Dear GEs, Once again ,AIGETOA MH Circle  hereby  appeal all  the direct recruits and graduate engineer executives to fill on line membership form  to enable all those who wished to be a part of   GE platform in MH Circle. All DS/DP/DT of existing AIGETOA  branch may also  fill online membership form .

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Breaking News & Events

Posting in the cadre of JTO on promotion after completion of four week field training.

Apr 23, 2014

CGMT MH Shri M.K. Jain visit to Nagpur

Apr 18, 2014

In the leadership of CS Shri Ashish Jain and CWC Shri Praveen Kamble, District president Shri Rahul Pote &  along with our dashing ADS Nagpur Shri. Praful Yenorkar  meets the Hon CGMT MH Circle during his Nagpur Three days visit. We congratulate Hon. CGMT for his new innings as CGMT MH . He is the person with tremendous enthusiasm and who believes in team work and productive output. He appreciated the work carrying out by GE JTOs/SDEs/JAOs/AOs and expressed the urgent need to implement innovative ideas with solutions to sustain in this  competitive era. He was very kind to listen our views and shared some motivational & inspiration words with us. He believes that the youth of BSNL have caliber to take leading positions in management in every situation in future. He also assured us to look into problems of DR GEs  working in each and every corner of the MH circle if there any. We are very much  thankful to him for his worthy suggestions, valuable time and co operation.

Request letter to Circle office Mumbai : Retention of SDEs UNDER 33% LDCE QUOTA in Maharashtra

Apr 15, 2014

During transfer policy meeting,  CS AIGETOA MH requested CGMT MH for retention of  33% LDCE qualified for continuation in the MH circle. for letter <<click here>>

Newly formed AIGETOA District body of WTR Mumbai meet SR.GM (Admn) and Sr. GM(Admin) with Circle team

Apr 14, 2014

After the formation of AIGETOA district body of WTR Mumbai our Circle team of CS, CP and CWC have visited CGM WTR office at Prabhadevi. Unfortunately could not meet CGM WTR as he was not available. We had meeting with Sr.GM WTR Shri Gupte. He is the person with vast experience and kind to listen to us. We informed him about our body formation at WTR. He assured us full co operation and also didn’t forget to mention the participation of our enthusiastic GE JTOs in WTR.  We also have meeting with Sr. GM(Admin)Shri. M Gupta and  DGM (WTR-Mtce) who is direct recruit DGM of BSNL. Being an Engineer he is well aware of our problems in BSNL and expressed his views regarding present crisis in BSNL. He assured us full co operation in all issues.<<Photo>>

Meeting with CGMT WTP :

Apr 14, 2014

Our circle team in the leadership of CS Shri Ashish Jain and CP Shri Riyajahmed Patvekar along with our dashing CWC member Shri Pankaj Bhavsar meets the Hon CGMT WTP. We congratulate hon CGMT for his new innings as CGMT WTP. He is the person with tremendous enthusiasm and who believes in team work. He appreciated the work carrying out by GE JTOs and expressed the need to implement innovative ideas to come up with solutions to sustain in this pierce competitive era. He was kind to listen our views and shared some motivational words with us. He believes that the GE JTOs of BSNL have caliber to take leading positions in management in future. He also assured us to look into problems of DR GE JTOs working in WTP if there any. We are thankful to him for his worthy suggestions and co operation.

For photos please <<click Here>> <<clickhere>>


Meeting regarding transfer policy and various HR issues

Apr 14, 2014

Along with our ally association AIBSNLEA our AIGETOA Circle representatives had a detail discussion with circle management regarding transfer policy and various HR issues. Our CS  Shri Ashish Jain, CP Shri Riyajahmed Patvekar , CWC Shri Pankaj Bhavsar along with CS AIBSNLEA Shri V.P. Kulkrani, AGS AIBSNLEA, Shri A.J. Joshi, Shri C.S. Saste had participated from association side. From Management side CGMT shri M.K. Jain with Shri Pravinkumar Malhotra GM HR & Admin, Shri Mukesh Mangal DGM HR & Admin and AGM Admin Shri Sule were present.

Elaborate discussion on each point of transfer policy was carried out. Details are as below:-

  • Point No. 1 & 2 are discussed and there was no any suggestion.
  • Point No. 3:- On this point our forum insisted to consider date of application submitted to controlling officer as crucial date for consideration in waiting list in the transfer. This is to confirm that delay on part of SSA administration in forwarding the application will not affect official claim in wait list. This is agreed by management.
  • Point No. 4 & 5 are agreed
  • Point No.6: We have demanded for giving choice posting of executives posted at All India soft tenure stations (Sindhudurgh & Gadchiroli). As it was mentioned in the corporate office transfer policy not to give choice of posting for soft tenure stations management is willing to first call opinion of corporate office on providing such privilege.
  • Point No. 7 & 8 are agreed
  • Point No. 9:- We have demanded that permissible EL & CL within the tenure period of official should be counted. Any EL or CL beyond permissible limit will not be counted in serving at tenure station and official has to serve more the days he will avail extra leave in order to complete his tenure. Point was agreed by management.
  • Point No. 10 & 11:- We have very long discussion on implementing point to point request transfer. Both associations strongly refused to accept point to point transfers as it is against natural justice and there was court order against such method. We demanded for longest stay official should be go to the SSA as a reliver to official requested for transfer. While many peoples are enjoying stay for more than 30 years at same SSA, officials at popular stations like Nagpur, Pune, Nashik, Kalyan will be affected each time. Discussion goes on a long time and could not come to conclusion as both our associations and management are admant on their stands. After vigorous discussion it is decided to keep open these points for the discussion later on.
  • Point No. 12 - We have insisted for execution of request transfers twice in the year in the month of March and September. Management agreed on point.
  • Point no. 13, 14 & 15 agreed.
  • Point no. 16 : We have insisted to include the consideration of requests of officials having  mentally retired childrens on medical ground along with diseases mentioned in the draft. Also our association insisted to consider physically handicapped officials requests also. We have provided the policies of Govt of India regarding posting and transfer of PWD candidates. Management agreed on the point.
  • Point No. 17: Our ally association has raised objection ¿on intention to include point that immunity from transfer will not be granted automatically to union/association office bearers. This was assessed by management and agreed to delete such words. But management insisted to at least recommendation for such cases should be come through CS/CP of association.
  • Point No.18 : Regarding posting of staff from urban to rural and rural to urban within SSA including mobile Unit /RTTC/CTTC, both associations agreed on point except for GM (Nodal) Pune staff. As GM (Nodal) is directly reporting to CGMT Maharashtra and this staff is involved in handling mobile network not only in Maharashtra but all western zone of India we have demanded to give separate SSA privilege to GM(Nodal) and this staff should not be included in urban/rural transfer with PGMT Pune staff. Management assessed our point and agreed on this issue.
  • MMRDA area : Both associations strongly demanded that transfers within MMRDA area of Mumbai should not be considered as break in SSA. Also we have demanded that the area like Panvel where HRA is 30% should be excluded from the tenure stations list. Management assessed our point and it is decided to assess stations those are coming in MMRDA area and then will decide on matter. Also to exclude Panvel from tenure is also agreed.

The discussion was taken for more than 3 hours. Management in the guidance of CGMT Shri M.K. Jain has listened us very patiently and positively. Management is appreciated that both associations AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA are come ahead commonly to resolve issues in amicable way. Management appreciated this blender of experience and qualified youth in the form of forum of association.

We are thankful to Hon. CGMT Shri M.K. Jain for his positive listening to us. Also we are thankful to Hon GM(HR & Admin) Shri Pravinkumar Malhotra for his initiative and positive approch in solving the HR issues in co operation with associations. We also thankful to Shri Mukesh Managal DGM(HR & Admin) and AGM (Admin) Shri Sule for their efforts to solve issues,We also thankfull to CS  AIBSNLEA Shri V. P. Kulkarni and his team for their co operation and also seeking forward for solving issues of executives with co operation of both associations.

<<for photo click here>>

Solar-powered ATMs, telecom towers catching up

Apr 11, 2014

Solar energy, in a limited way, has started powering telecom towers, bank branches, data centres and ATMs in power deficient rural India and areas faced with erratic supply of grid power.Companies providing equipment for power back-up and solar power producers have confirmed that this trend is catching up with support from government as well as telecom companies and banks which are opting for clean and uninterrupted energy.<<link>.

AIGETOA Kalyan SSA body endorsed

Apr 11, 2014

Kalyan SSA administration has endorsed AIGETO  Kalyan body & instructed to extend facilities as per BSNL CO letter <<Letter>> 

ALL BSNL Recruits are AIGETOA Member at Aurangabad

Apr 5, 2014

AIGETOA Aurangabad  chapter has restructured existing body to fill up vacant post due to transfer & induction of  President Sh.G.M.Ingle to  Circle body as CEC Member/WS  .During recently concluded District Confrence total seven members joined  AIGETOA  platform .AIGETOA  MH Circle welcome them & hope  DRs of rest of the SSA  should follow the same in the best interest of GE fraternity.<<Certificate of recognition of AIGETOA AGD Body  by CS>>

Relieving of officers under transfer in the grade of JTO/SDE- reg

Apr 2, 2014

With continuous persuasion of AIGETOA MH team with circle management yield it result once again today circle office  Mumbai issued "Relieving of officers under transfer in the grade of JTO/SDE- reg"

<<<Click  Here>>>


BSNL's Director-Consumer Mobility, Anupam Shrivastava in his first interview...

Apr 1, 2014
BSNL's Director-Consumer Mobility, Anupam Shrivastava in his first interview, talks at length about his vision for the company, the road ahead on the enterprise side and how merger with MTNL will change things.

Sh. Anupam Shrivastava would be taking charge of the company as CMD on July 1, 2014.<<News link>>


BSNL Summer Dhamaka

Apr 1, 2014

Now, Full talk time on Top Up of Rs. 200 to 999, 10% extra talk time on Top Vouchers of Rs. 1000 to 2999.

This offer is valid for 90 days w.e.f. 25-03-2014.

Shri. Narsimha Shenoy, Sr GMT Raigad, BSNL absorbed officer, has been promoted and posted as CGM WTP Mumbai

Apr 1, 2014

AIGETOA MH congratulates Shri. N. Shenoy for his promotion.

Congratulations! to Shri.M.K Jain Sir .

Mar 28, 2014

BSNL CO issued posting of  Shri. M. K.Jain PGMT Pune as CGMT MH Circle .Present CGMT is getting retire on superannuation on 31/03/2014 & Shri. K.K. Saxena Sr GM Pune will take over charge of PGMT Pune till further orders for posting of regular substitute <<order>.

Congratulations! Swarna Award for CSC

Mar 28, 2014

Congratulations to CSC Team of  Sawedi,Jamkhed  in Ahmednagar SSA& Warud in Amravati SSA for  getting  the  prestigious  Swarn Awards for  CSC in Maharshtra circle for 2nd  quarter. Warud  CSC Amravati has won prestigious swarna award  in both 2nd quarter in category – III  CSC.

 << Click for letter >>

MH circle issued List of longest Stay JTOs at SSA on Circle Stay basis

Mar 27, 2014

14th April 2014 - Birthday of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar has been declared Closed Holiday

Mar 27, 2014

Circle Office Mumbai issued Guidelines cum Instructions for LTC claims through ERP: Requests for LTC Advance, LTC Settlement Claims etc through ERP can be made in “on Line” mode.

Mar 27, 2014

for details <<click here>>

BSNL has planned to deploy "Centralized VAS Provisioning System Cum Consent Gateway (CVPS Cum CG)" to improve VAS.

Mar 26, 2014

for detail <<click here>>

BSNL will devote Year 2014-15 for “Improved Quality of Mobile Services.” - Shri. Anupam Shrivastav, Director (CM) BSNL

Mar 26, 2014

for detail <<click here>>

MH circle circulated List of longest Stay SDEs at SSAon Circle stay basis

Mar 25, 2014

Meeting with Hon. CMD Shri. R. K. Upadhyay and Dir. HR .Rai sir during PUNE visit

Mar 24, 2014

AIGETOA PUNE team led by Formar CS Shri. Ramesh Prasad , District secretary Shri. Jeetendra Raut, DP Shri. Nitin verma, ADS Sh. Pankaj Kumar, OS Sh. Atul Godke, Exec.Members and along with several active members Sh.Roshan bhagat, Sh.Rahul Gawade, Sh.Girish Meshram, Mrs.Cinni Shrivastav, Mrs.Kadambari Bhole,Sh.ShailendraChahande,Sh.VikramTanvar,Sh.Abhishek Agarwal, Sh.Dayasagar Patwardhan, Sh.Virendra Fating met Honorable CMD Shri. R. K. Upadhyay & Director HR Shri. Rai Sir in presence of CGMT MH Shri. A.V. Kulkarni, PGMT Pune Shri. M.K.Jain  & GM(Mobile-Nodal) Shri. Sunil Kumar on dated 22/03/2014 during visit to Pune.

Our team apprised Hon. CMD regarding our issues of Pay Parity,Standard Pay Scale, 30% Superannuation Benefits, Carrier progression in details. CMD assures that he is very well aware of issues...have is going on positive things will come out very shortly.

for images << Click here>>

Transfer policy in MH Circle

Mar 14, 2014

The Forum of  AIBSNLEA  & AIGETOA  combine  submitted the  draft on Transfer Policy in response  of  Transfer policy circulated by Circle Office.<<Draft>>

BSNL CPSU Cadre hierarchy Policy :Stumbling block- Limited career progression

Mar 14, 2014

At last bsnl management issues the much awaited cpsu policy after repeated pursuasion of AIGETOA. The policy however was supposed to be meritocratic and should have given weightage to qualification. But all such things appears to be beyond the scope of management for reasons best known to them . Any how still some breakthrough is there and we respect that. We request members to send feedback on the same on Click here for Policy

Nashik Updates:-Meeting with Sr.GMT

Mar 14, 2014

AIGETOA Nashik Team led by DS Sh. Devesh K. Singh & DP Sh. Ajay Singh along with VP MH Sh. M. Giramkar met Sr. GM Nashik Sh. Mahesh Babu Prajapati & DGM (Admn) Smt. Madhuri Ninje. Our team updated both authorities reg. AIGETOA Nashik Body formation & our issues.

Pankaj Bhawsar's photo.Pankaj Bhawsar's photo.

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Blog posts April 2013

Clarification from Corporate Office

Apr 30, 2013

CO has issued clarification regarding the continuation looking after arrangement not exceeding  180 days and basis for release  of  LA as per statutory guidelines on reservation in promotion <<Letter>.

CHQ Updates:Kind attention young members of this association- 30% fitment case dismissed by Humble P-CAT

Apr 30, 2013

It is learnt that case filled by some group of JTO recruited after 1.1.2007 before Humble P-CAT Delhi seeking 30% fitment as of existing executive citing principle of equality i.e. equal pay for equal work has been out-rightly dismissed on 23rd April-2013.


 On various platforms this association has been trying to convey to the members that this principle does not hold good in this case. There is only possibility of getting E2 pay scale that to tough fight is require through this association platform with your active support. This association will also try to minimise the pay difference once pay scale is finalized but it is not possible without your active support. Many may confuse this young blood to expend the hard earn money in knocking the door of court of law with the issue having no merit but it is only the association which can bring the justice.

Hence extend your full support to this association taking full ownership. Instead of begging, Association has decided to snatch our rights through the mouth of evil BSNL management in time bound manner which require unconditional and close association of members with full trust on leadership.


Apr 28, 2013

In response to AIGETOA Aurangabad  request for urgent meeting to discuss the agenda given on dated 05-03-2013 ,the respected  GMT Shri.Rajesh Sahu  had  meeting with AIGETOA  Aurangabad on 26-04-2013 in Confernce Hall of Sanchar sadan.Meeting  started  with welcome  of  GMT Aurangabad by Shri. S.N.Jirwankar ACS AIGETOA  by presenting beautiful  flowers and then   DS Shri.Vasant Halge  welcomed  all from Association side.

 Meeting started with very good news that TBP DPC approved by CGMT which was listed  as first point in agenda given by association. DP Shri.Ghanshyam Ingle appreciated the efforts of admin and  many thanks given to GMT for organizing timely DPC and ACS requested to the management to initiate the proposed DPC due in the month of Apr-2013 as per new norms.GMT instructed  AGM (A) Shri.J.G.Bhatt  & SDE(HRD) Shri.R.D.Bhamre to start the proceeding to complete the TBP in scheduled time.

 In reply to point put forward by association for redesign of existing  local transfer policy i/r/o rural to urban and urban to rural  due to incorporation of mobile executive in SSA list,GMT has assured to include mobile executives and revised list will be circulated to one and all for information .Association demanded that urban to rural & vice versa transfer has to be followed from common pool seniority without any favour .It is assured from management side that transfer will initiated on need basis and adhering to the condition listed in transfer policy.

 Ex.President  Shri.Kishore Wadhawe has brought to the notice of GMT that CSCs in rural  should be supported with sufficient man power & leave back up arrangement  .GMT assured and hinted that posting of  additional staff to CSCs having good  revenue collections is under consideration.

 With the considerable discussion on HR points ,focus of meeting  shifted  towards the listed  total technical and core development issues .All the members representating the mobile wing including Shri.S.R Wani ,Milind Satdive,Ganesh Palkar ADS,Pradeep Ingle ADS,Anil Kurallu,Umesh Ghatorsingh,Sharique Ahmad has presented the issues faced by executives .Association requested to arrange the rigger before the start of monsoon session,GMT assured to arrange the same on provisional basis till the  finalization of tender by Mobile Wing –Nagpur. Shri.Kishore Wadhawe  insisted to replace the burnt BTS rack at Talani ,management assured to access the situation .Many members voiced  for continuation of  OMCR has per earlier schedule to avoid inconvenience to field staff & to avoid failure of BTS . Association has demanded for posting of sufficient staff in OMCR. GMT told that existing arrangement shall continue in OMCR & but categorically rejected the posting of additional staff in OMCR due to shortage of TTAs ,

 Points listed in agenda such as CDMA BSC shifting  DT Shri.Amit Kuril has requested  to accommodate the existing CDMA BTS in one BSC .GMT has appreciated the point and management will think on better option of accommodation BSC at MSC CHN.Point raised by DS for sparing of Powerplant by  diversion of load on other PP,It was accepted considering the arise of need from other station.

 Association demanded the scrapping of life expired battery sets/idle store,GMT appreciated the concern and told to initiate where ever details like estimate ,installation date & other data available and shall instruct account authority to spare time to visit the places along with field staff.

 Point raised by ACS  Shri. Jirwankar &Shri.Ghanshyam Ingle  DP regarding  timely FRAC and scheduling of leased deeds.GMT was aware of the situation faced by executive in field and increase in demand of rents by landlord considering prevailing market rate & suggested that focus for amicable resolution of critical issues to avoid heavy involvement of money on account of shifting of tower/BTS.It will be instructed to planning to prepare schedule of FRAC.

 Point raised by DS Shri.Vasant Halge regarding the non billing issues of leased cct and non availability of records ,the meeting of nodal officer leased cct,CO and AO(TRA) will be called with GMT.

 Constructive discussion of three hours on all points listed in agenda and some points raised by  member has taken place in  healthy manner and GMT has shown  positive & keen interest and appreciated the involvement of  GEs in improvement of services and expected  outstanding result from GE fraternity.

 DP Shri.Ghanshyam Ingle extended sincere thanks to GMT  Shri.Sahu Sir for accepting valuable suggestion given by Association  & for assurance to resolve the issues relevant to field & executives in general. DP extended thanks to GMT for exchanging technical inputs .DP also thanked AGM(A) and SDE(HRD) for maintaining problem solving attitude.


EPF cases of BSNL recruits

Apr 28, 2013

In response to EPFO Letter to Circle EPF Nodal  Authority,CAO CA-I Mumbai circle office  has written to all  SSA for immediate  conclusion EPF individual cases and timely submission of EPF statement and intimated to fix the responsibility for un due delay. <<Letter>>

Deputation of ITSs working in DoT to MTNL/BSNL

Apr 27, 2013

DoT called volunteers from willing  ITS Group 'A' officers working in Department of Telecommunications to work in BSNL/MTNL on deputation <CLICK>


Apr 25, 2013

The CEC meet of AIGETOA CHQ and CS/CP was held on 21st and 22nd April 2013 at CTO Sabhagar complex, New Delhi. Representatives of almost all of the circles participated in the meet. The meeting was held as per agenda schedule wherein CHQ and CS/CP/CWC of the circles voiced their opinion on various agenda items. Some important activities like finalization of the election norms and future course of action for the association were finalized.

 On 21st April association related activities were finalized and various resolutions were taken regarding the election process for next AIC. Details of the resolution will be circulated through group mail.

 On 22nd April, representatives met again and burning issues were discussed.

 After discussions, it was noted by each member present in the meeting that management has been continuously ignoring the interests of the Direct recruits and are not willing to listen their grievances. It was decided that we have waited enough and if management is not willing, we have to make them listen and force them to resolve the issues.

 Thereafter, GS along with other representatives unanimously decided that no further begging, they should immediately go to CMD and tell them that they will have to listen to the grievances and resolve the issues cum rights in a time bound manner. GS along with all the representatives then moved to the third floor of BSNL CO to meet CMD. Unfortunately, CMD was on leave due to some medical problem, we all Gherao Director(HR/EB) with shouting slogan “AIGETOA ZINDABAD, BSNL MANAGEMENT MURDABAD”and in a clear manner communicated that till management doesn’t commits the resolution of the issues and define the timelines, not even a single person will move an inch from the place and we all sat together. We all were ready to face any consequences including police arrest for snatching our rights.

 Director (HR/EB) sensing the gravity of the situation called to meet the representatives and discuss the issues. Immediately heads of various HR groups and Finance wing dealing with the issues were called. The meeting lasted for 3 hours and various issues were discussed and timelines were committed. In the first phase some of the long pending cadre issues were discussed. The minutes of the meeting will be released soon. Click here for Detail of the discussion

 Friends, though Director (HR/EB) has realized the reason behind desperation of the executives up to such extent and committed for the resolution of issues in timelines but we should not relax. We should be vigilant enough of the situation and be ready for striking hard with a loud voice and full vigor if the issues are not settled in time line as committed by Director (HR/EB). We should keep ourselves prepared for next struggle which is start soon after the timelines. If management resolves, well and fine otherwise we have to once again make them realize the might and power of the DR unity.


Apr 25, 2013

 The  Consistence persuasions of AIGETOA’ns of Maharashtra state Compelled EPFO authorities to write letter to BSNL, MH Circle Administration regarding non- submission of EPF records for the financial year 2010-11 & 2011-12. << click for letter >>

BSNL Circle Accounts sections has not submitted the correct EPF records to EPFO Bandra  for the financial year 2010-11 & 2011-12 till date. It is learnt that the updation of these records are still under progress even after laps of 2 years.

Further, for the  first time EPFO have provided the reasons for the delay in issuance of the Annual balance sheets in respect of the EPF accounts of members of Maharshtra circle  for the financial year 2008-09 & 2009-10 in a reply to a letter written by Shri. Pankaj Bhavsar, DS AIGETOA Kalyan .<< click for the letter >>


LDCE Court Case Update.

Apr 23, 2013

Today the hearing for LDCE Court Case could not take place as Hon'ble PCAT bench was not sitting today. The hearing has been postponed to 30th April 2013 in the same bench.

Panel constituted for revival of state owned telecom PSUs will take a call on the telecom department's demand that Cabinet approve Rs 23,000 crore bailout for BSNL and MTNL.

Apr 22, 2013

The Centre has constituted a panel of ministers tasked with looking at ways to revitalise the two public sectormobile phone companies - BSNL and MTNL.Currently, an empowered group of ministers(EGoM) headed by finance minister P Chidambaram looks into all spectrum-related issues for the telecom sector. It is not known if Chidambaram will head the new Group of Ministers (GoM) too. This panel will take a call on the telecom department's demand that Cabinet approve Rs 23,000 crore bailout for BSNL and MTNL.<link>>


Apr 20, 2013

Today the hearing for LDCE Court Case was held at Hon'ble P-CAT, New Delhi. The case was argued strongly in our favor by our counsels. The Senior Counsel from BSNL, another Counsel from BSNL Side, Two Counsels from AIGETOA and one counsel from successful candidates appeared for hearing. The counsel from SNEA has also moved an impleadment application. The argument from both the side was heard in the court though the opposition side wanted a long adjournment, the Hon'ble PCAT has posted the case for final argument on Tuesday, the 23rd April 2013 at 2.30pm with a firm direction that case will be heard and on that day itself irrespective of whether any body is present or not. We are expecting a firm outcome on Tuesday.

Seniority issues never ends in BSNL

Apr 20, 2013

A case on the preparation of All India Eligibility List for the promotion of the SDE (T) in seniority cum fitness in the  was filed in  Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal of Ernakulum .The case was listed today and the Hon’ble Tribunal Issued the interim injunction order on the promotion in the seniority cum fitness. Now BSNL Management cannot carry on promotions from JTO (T) to SDE (T) under 67% quota without the leave of the Hon’ble Central Administrative Tribunal,Ernakulum. Order copy will be uploaded soon.

Confirmation of JTOs in MH Circle

Apr 18, 2013

BSNL MH Circle has issued confirmation order in the cadre of  JTOs .List and letter <<Click>.

Telecom Security Directorate planned to tackle threat from Chinese equipment.

Apr 17, 2013

The DoT is also setting up Centralised Monitoring System for lawful interception and monitoring of telephone and Internet servicesIn response to the perception within the intelligence and defence community of the growing threat to national security from imported Chinese telecom equipment, the Centre is planning to set up a ‘Telecom Security Directorate.’ This is part of the government’s broader strategy to set up an institutional framework of technical manpower to handle telecom security-related issues linked to the use of telecom gear manufactured by Chinese giants Huawei and ZTE.<<Link>>

BSNL HR Manual at a Glance

Apr 14, 2013

BSNL’s human resource is one of its greatest assets. HR policy, rules, guidelines and regulations have a direct bearing on the service conditions of this invaluable resource. It is therefore important that a single point of reference on HR matters is made available, which serves as dependable source of information both for the employees well as the management. A comprehensive BSNL HR Manual has been complied. Click here for BSNL HR Manual

MTNL to deploy telecom tech developed by IIT-B across city.

Apr 8, 2013

Mumbai will be the first city to have India-developed Carrier Ethernet Switch Routers that provide telecommunication services with an additional layer of security for customer data.These routers can carry leased services, software-defined networking and secure communications. The Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd will deploy these routers across eight sites in the city.The telecom hardware is being manufactured by the Hyderabad-based Electronics Corporation of India Ltd (ECIL) under licence from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. The national telecom carrier and the electronics major signed a memorandum of understanding at the IIT last week to implement the initiative.This is perhaps the first instance where a carrier-class technology developed at an academic institution has found its way to a tier-1 provider in India in the transport network, a release from ECIL said.

The Ethernet switch routers have been designed and developed by IIT, Bombay. They are the fastest in the business and consume less power. MTNL will will offer carrier-class services to enterprise customers, government agencies and other bodies from each site.

These include Ethernet services, leased lines and MPLS network access from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps. The backbone of the network will consist of 10 Gbps links that would route carrier Ethernet and optical transport network packets.Devang Khakhar, Director, IIT Bombay said that the deployment of its licensed technology would set a new benchmark in technology adoption from the IIT system to industry.

Peeyush Agrawal, Executive Director, MTNL said an earlier version of the hardware was tried in its data centre after its launch in May 2011.P. Sudhakar, Chairman and Managing Director, ECIL said the collaboration with IIT Bombay helped bring the technology to the market.

AIGETOA MH Congratulate award winning CSC Team in MH Circle

Apr 6, 2013

Hearty Congratulations ..!!!

 Amravati Main CSC  team & Chandur bazaar, CSC team ,of Amravati  SSA for getting the prestigious  Swarn Awards for CSC in Maharashtra circle for 2nd and 3rd quarter.  << Click for letter >>

  Amravati Main CSC has won prestigious swarna award  in both 2nd and 3rd quarter in category – I CSC,  under the dynamic leadership of Shri. Vijay kumar Lilhare, Dy. G.M. BSNL, Amravati.Special congratulations.. to  Shri Umesh Kawalkar ,SDE (CSC-main),Amravati & his team lead by  Shri. Subhash Tatte  Sr. TOA and other staff of CSC .Shri. Anil Pandit ,TM Shri. R.M. Jikar,Sr. TOA, Smt.S.M.Waghade,Sr. TOA  Shri. Devghare,TM.

 Congratulations.. to all CSC staff for sincere  efforts taken by them under the spiritual guidance of  Shri. Umesh Kawalkar ,SDE (CSC-Main),Amravati, for achieving this glory….

 Many congratulations to Chandur bazaar, CSC team, for winning swarna award  in  3rd quarter in category – III CSC.

Congratulations.. to Smt. M.U. Kawalkar,SDE,Chandur Bazar for her devotion & hard work along with her team lead by Shri. Prashant Golekar, TTA,Chandur Bazar with other CSC staff has bring  this glory to  Chandurbazar SDCA.

Telecom won’t lay golden egg for now: Hon.MoC Shri.Sibal

Apr 6, 2013

Union telecom minister Kapil Sibal said on Wednesday that he fears signing files as he doesn’t know how courts would interpret such decisions in the future. The telecom sector will never lay a golden egg again.“The bureaucrat wonders if he should take this decision if ten years from now, somebody hauls him up in the court and says it is time for him to go in... I fear... I personally sitting on that chair. I fear to sign something as I don’t know what is going to happen in the court of law five years from now,” Sibal said, in response to questions at the CII’s annual general meeting.

 Union telecom minister Kapil Sibal said that it is time that the contours of jurisdiction must be respected.“In the absence of that we are going to go through a chaotic state of affairs, which is no good for anybody. The sense of fear emanates from there,” he said. This sense of fear has happened since 2010 he said, and blamed “the CAG and the most independent media in the world,” among others, for this.

Sibal said that the telecom sector was the golden goose which laid the golden egg and the government itself has just got a mere Rs 1,000 crore.  The golden goose will never lay the golden egg again for a little while ... What is the result of all this? The sector is under debt of Rs 2.50 lakh crore. So I like to know who has benefited?,” questioned Sibal.

Appeal to all GEs

Apr 6, 2013

Dear Friends, All the LDCE qualified members are requested to apply online CL in advance for 8th April-2013. Other members may also apply on line CL for 8th April 2013 to show the solidarity. Remember this is not an agitation but just to register our protest officially which may also help management to appraise the desperation of executives about their career progression before the Hon'ble court of law.

BSNL services -Disrupted by theft,JCB and now under sea cable cut ,storm water

Apr 6, 2013

State owned Telecom PSU -BSNL  Services are getting paralysed  by cable theft,cable damages by JCBs through out country but now it seems never ending with under sea cable cut which has affected ,'Broadband Speed'.Now it reported that storm water drainage work affected OFC/Copper cables at Chennai.<<Details>>

3G roaming: Airtel says HC could not have acted at RCom’s plea.

Apr 6, 2013

Bharti Airtel failed to convince the Supreme Court on Friday to hold an immediate hearing against the HC’s order yesterday lifting the ban on its earlier ruling to prevent execution of DoT’s order from stopping the company to offer 3G services in circles where it does not have licenses.  SC has posted the matter for April 8.<<Details>>

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